Culture & Values

We feel it is important to define and share our culture and values so our customers, employees and friends understand what we’re all about.

These words are not just an attempt to convince people we’re a hip & trendy modern business, they are our very core, they are the way we do business, they are Pixel BBQ.

Core Values

We will judge everything and everyone on what is done, not what is said.

We will always have a little fun, smile a lot and enjoy day to day working life.

We agree it’s only the result that counts, but the journey should be rewarding along the way.

We will feel proud when we do something great, but even prouder when we made a mistake and learn from it!

We’re are in business to make profit and we will never shy away from that fact.

History is important and great for learning lessons but the future will always be what counts.


We will always get great value from the money we spend. However, value is not always measured in £££’s & pence.

Our employee professionalism, skill and greatness doesn’t always come wrapped in a suit.

Our decisions will not always seem fair, but they will always be made for the best interests of the business.

We will not confuse efficiency with selfishness.

We expect everyone to take personal ownership and responsibility for their own goals, actions, achievements and mistakes.


We generally favour the underdog, we love giving hungry, focused and committed people chances and opportunities to shine, even if they don’t make sense on the face of it.

Absolute dedication, hard work and long days are the norm. We want our employees, to think and breath their jobs. Some of our best thoughts come when we least expect them.

We believe you should be great at what you do. If you’re not great at it, accept it’s simply not what you do. Everyone has something that they can be great at inside them.

We understand “Off Days” but critics, negative thinkers, gossipers or happiness killers will never, ever have a place in our business.

Everyone is an equal human being, irrelevant to role, race, colour or religion, however everyone understands that some people’s decisions will have a significant impact on people’s lives. This does not make anyone a lesser human being.

We will never tolerate customers, employees or friends who proactively vocalise any type of extremism with the aim or hope to change others beliefs in any form in the workplace.

Being quirky is great, being different is normal and even a big ego is fine, so long as it’s earned by results.


We aim to provide a great physical working environment, but our belief is that our employees workplace, is wherever they are at that very moment in time.

We love to facilitate movement and daily variety in the workplace so where possible we create breakout areas, fun spaces and quiet zones for our employees and visitors.

Everyone gets a space to call their own. It may not be dressed to everybody’s taste, but as long as it’s kept clean and tidy we don’t mind.