A management information system designed to help you run your business by managing production, time, quotes, costs, scheduling, resources, billing and more.

  • Centralise management of customers, suppliers & contacts
  • View and manage new business pipeline
  • Create quotes and opportunities
  • Prepare better briefs
  • Add and manage tasks/milestones
  • Manage all internal resources
  • Real time progress of jobs
  • Live margin analysis by client and by job
  • Improve time management and monitor efficiency
  • Invoice work, raise PO’s and manage business finances

Sales & Account Management

Manage an active database of clients, suppliers and contacts to keep all your records in one place.

Create and store everything from meeting & contact notes to attachments & price schedules for all your clients accessible 24/7.

Build your quotes accurately and quickly using predefined job templates or matrix based pricing models.

Make briefing quicker and more accurate with pre-configured briefing templates that can be selected based on the type of job.

Assign milestones to a job, and choose to fix or automatically re-calculate when a job delivery date changes.


Move quotes to live jobs, automatically assign resources and start monitoring all with a single click of the mouse.

Allocate resources and tasks to individuals or teams, enabling easy movement as workflow pressures change during the day.

Task a costed resource between multiple team members, enabling quick and easy team management and work order allocation.

Monitor time spent by job and team member while visualising job progress with a colour coded progress bar.

Change the prioritisation of each job as and when deadlines change to increase the priority of live jobs.

Manage the status of jobs to make it easy to see where every job is at any minute of the day.

Instantly view a holistic snapshot of your organisations current and future resource availability.


Dynamic work schedules allow users to quickly and easily see which tasks are assigned to them, and how long they have been allocated to complete the work.

Allow your users to work in the way they prefer by either using a live timer or manually adding time spent on a job.

View in real time the hours and minutes spent on jobs and tasks allowing users to plan their workloads and identify any bottlenecks.

Allow users to create and manage their own “To-Do” list for tasks that are not directly connected to a job.

Management & Insight

View and manage your businesses pipeline of opportunities and quotes in real time 24/7 from any internet enabled device.

Use information to improve the profitability, efficiency and transparency of your business.

View expected and achieved margin for any job in real time.


Allocate commission levels per client and track on individual jobs to incentivise your sales team.

Set a job to automatically calculate prices based on time spent by your team.

Create invoices for each job and view current payment status for each client.

Manage individual costs on your jobs and automatically create purchase orders to all your suppliers fast and easily.