Our Development Approach

We are passionate about our customers experience and this is very much embedded in the software we develop. So here we have shared what we call our 7 commitments. We use these to help guide us to deliver on our promises.

Keep It Simple

While our software and the code we develop is not always simple, we believe this should never extend to a user’s experience. If a single click will get the job done, then a single click is what we’ll aim to create.

Getting your team onside when implementing a new platform is very important. If they don’t like it, or find it too complicated you’ll end up with an up uphill battle.

No, as achieving simplicity does not mean compromising on quality. We always use industry standard coding languages and development methodology.

We like lots of junk food, sweets and crisps but they’re not very good for us!

Always be Straight Talking

Some call it plain English while we call it straight talking. It just as much about what’s being said as how it’s being said.

Some people will tell you something can be done, but we’ll tell you if we think you need it done in the first place.

Yes, we’re here to profit, but never at the expense of our customers feeling like they’ve been oversold one of our services.

Yes, our techie people can be quirky, but never condescending or have a “chip on their shoulder” personality.

Understand Enough is Enough

We aim that our software always does enough to get the job done, but is never over engineered and over featured. If we included every function needed to meet everyone’s needs, we believe our software would become too complicated and people would only use 10% of it anyway.

We’ll always demo it or provide free trials so our customers can experience what they are buying.

By attempting to think of everything, everyone could ever want and then attempt to deliver software that fits.

Let us know what you need, if we think it will benefit others, we’ll build it.

Ensure the Price Is Right

We never set ourselves apart as being cheap, but we will always attempt to offer better value than comparative products.

Costs are always relative. We will always price our software to ensure value for money and easily achievable ROI.

We will always try to structure our prices so that the number of users don’t have a huge impact on what people pay.

Offer Trials and Guarantees

We will never ask someone to commit to paying for something that they have never seen or experienced. Therefore, we will always try to offer free trials or guarantees to ensure our customers never feel hard done by.

Some of our software and services require setup and configuration by our technical team, so we incur costs, hence guarantees.

Over our years of experience, we have heard many stories of where a sales person says yes to everything and then once signed on the dotted line it turns out its doesn’t do things like you were led to believe.

We will always try and ensure all our software and services are easy in and easy out.

Always Make It Look Good

We’ve learnt over many years of experience, that although a software platform may be amazingly intelligent, have millions of lines of code and do exactly what’s needed. If it’s not visually pleasing, our customers won’t like it as much! (That’s not shallow, it’s just human nature.)

Yes, Yes and yes! If you’re ever told by someone “especially an IT person” that this is not the case, argue that it is. We’ve found this out the hard way in our past.

We will always attempt to minimise our brand presence for our business software so it looks and feels generic or visually “on brand”.

Never be Everything to Everyone

Our software will never attempt to be everything for everyone. There will be occasions where our software is not the best thing for a potential customer’s business, and we will have the gumption and resolve to say that.